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“Children change everything!” they helpfully point out as you dodge the Cheerios on your previously immaculate floor.

 “Go do something for yourself,” they say brightly while you secretly try to remember if you washed your hair today. (You’ve stopped trying to remember when you shaved last.)

“Enjoy this time. It goes so fast,” they remind you as you peer back at them through one bleary, nearly-opened sleep-deprived eye.


Welcome to the club, Mama!


The initiation’s a doozy, but you’ve got this. You’re hanging in there and maybe even settled in to a new normal (and look at that, you kept the kid alive!).

Some days are almost magical with their cuteness and happiness. Other days, well…let’s just say that it’s hard to really be “there.”

When I was planning this site, a friend said to me in these exact words: “You should make a manual on how to take yourself with children, and live, and not drive yourself crazy.”

It was like she took the words right out of my brain.

I want that manual! 


Because this whole thing we call "balance" can be HARD.


Like everything you’ve done in life, you want to be AMAZING at being a mom (and wife and professional and woman…). So “good enough” makes you cringe just a little. 

This comes from a good place. But even the best, most perfect plans can unravel a little.

Sometimes, it feels like you’re failing, and you haaate failing.

You are not enjoying *every* precious moment and fantasize about having a whole day ALONE.

You feel like you’re the only one who isn’t doing this (I mean, have you been on Pinterest?).

And the B-word (bad mom) even enters your thoughts.


(you might want to write that down)

At A Year of Happy, we’ll cover a new topic every month to make this the year that you take care of yourself (and live and not drive yourself crazy).


This month, we’re giving that Superwoman mindset a makeover.

Get yourself a journal or download your free printable journal pages, and join me!


If you're in, grab that 2 Minute Revitalizing Meditation and get started.

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